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Emily Dykstra

Actor & Director

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I loved serving as Company Manager for the tour of Court Theatre's The Gospel at Colonus, which ran at the Getty Villa near Los Angeles in September! Click the image for more info...

About Me

Welcome to my acting and directing website! I am an actor and theatre director based in the Chicago area. I love so much about the theatre and film industries, but my favorite thing is digging deep into the inner lives of characters to tell their compelling stories. I make sense of life through story, and it is such a joy to bring that experience to audiences. There is nothing more thrilling than knowing I took part in making someone laugh until they cry, moving someone deeply, and/or getting someone to examine the world around them in a new way. I say "took part" because the collaboration of all the amazingly talented people it takes to put a production together is one of the most beautiful things to be a part of.


I also believe the arts play a vital role in a healthy society, and plays and film/TV certainly contribute to that in a unique way. Film critic Roger Ebert summed up that sentiment so well when he talked about movies being "like a machine that generates empathy." It is truly an important responsibility and honor to use my talent in an industry that can leave such a mark on the world.

About Me


Much Ado About Nothing
 (Hoosier Shakespeare Festival)

"The character of Margaret (Emily Robinson) is also insightfully developed. Many productions I've seen don't know what to do with Hero's waiting woman. [...] In this production, such questions are moot because Robinson's Margaret is a general flirt who loves the attention of men and is quite hung up on sex [...]. In Act V when Benedick asks Margaret to fetch Beatrice to him, Robinson's Margaret goes into all-out seduction mode, the insinuation being that they probably have had a one-night stand or two in the past (or almost did, at least) [...]. These glimpses of Margaret in the text lend credence to why she would hang with Borachio and pretend to be Hero: it's all good sexual gamesmanship."

—  Eric Minton, Shakespeareances


Production Photos

Lady Capulet: Hoosier Shakes's Romeo and Juliet

Directing: tech week for Three Brothers Theatre's The Importance of Being Earnest


Directing Work

  Eclectic Full Contact Theatre's

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Click the logo to listen this new serial audio drama, which was awarded Silver Selection Designation at HEAR Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival 2021!

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See my two-episode arc on Kole's Law...

Click here to watch me in Episode 303 (starting at the 3:00 mark):

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Click here to watch me in Episode 304 (0:40-1:30 and 11:09-11:50 marks):

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Take a peak at my episode of Losers...

Click here to watch me in "Tina" (2:13-3:25 mark): 

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Links & Videos
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